Holistic Therapy Consultation is designed to have your overall health analyzed. The consultation covers numerous aspects of your health including mental, emotional and physical. Contrary to what you have been lead to believe, when you have emotional problems your physical health will be suffering. The longer the problem is left unresolved, the more likely the problem will manifest into a physical condition. When your emotional condition improves you are well on the way to recovery. The body is the most effective tool to treat any condition which we may have in life. If it is given the correct conditions, it can and will heal itself. The consultation is to deal with the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms you have. It will give you all the tools to provide you with everything you need to give your body the right conditions to establish good health and with continued use enable you to maintain optimum health. Looking for a quick fix may be a short term solution but it’s not in the best interests of your body’s health, nor will it completely deal with issues which may arise again if you change your way of thinking back to your old pattern and habits. That would only be the same as filling your vehicle up with petrol once and expecting it to run indefinitely, which will never be the case.

Problems which people have, don’t just appear over night. Although a session may have a very profound effect on improving your health, it can’t deal with all the issues in one go because your body would not be able to handle all those changes at the same time. Therefore continued therapy is advised to work through all issues, also as a preventative measure and to maintain the bodies correct balance. You know what issues/problems you have to deal with, therefore the biggest step is acknowledging them and starting to deal with them. You must also be ready and willing for all these changes to take place in your life because it will require a little input from you to enable them to happen.

Your diet and what you eat. To establish weather it is a contributing factor to how you are feeling and whether your body is undernourished. The colour of food you eat affects your mind and body. The body’s functions are dictated by the chakra’s, main energy centre’s of the body. If you are eating the same foods all the time you will not be providing your body with the colour’s and vibrations which it requires. Every living entity on this planet carries a different vibration, so colour’s really do play an important role in your life. Not just the colour of food you eat, but the colour of clothes you wear, the colours you are surrounded by.

Each chakra in your body is represented by a colour. The chakra’s also serve different organs and area’s in your body and various bodily functions. The colour of your bedroom could effect your sleep, simply because of the vibration it carries. If the wrong colour is used, it could be over stimulating your body, when you are trying to wind down and go to sleep, therefore bright colour’s are not recommended for bedrooms. Also the colour’s which surround you in the house can effect your health. If you don’t provide your body with all the colour’s and vibrations it needs by eating the food, or placing the colour’s in your surroundings, this again can effect your health by over stimulating or under stimulating the vibrations in the body.

Your emotional well being. Making sure you are thinking positive and if not easily change your thoughts from negative to positive. This is so easy to put into place and not time consuming whatsoever. Positive affirmations can be done while you are doing other things, such as driving, in the shower, cleaning etc. We are what we think and if we don’t think it, we will never allow ourselves to be it.

Holistic Therapy Consultations - Either by email, phone, Skype or in person. The initial consultation is designed to find and treat the root cause of your problem. After the first consultation I will find the correct Holistic Therapy for you and give you all the information/instructions/help you need to deal with the problem. The consultations do not require you to be here in person. Consultations can be as in depth or as specific as you require them.

If you are interested in an Holistic Therapy Consultation and want to be happy again in your life and ready to make simple and small changes to dramatically change your life then please do contact me for more details.  When you give your body the right conditions, it can and will heal itself. We are all intelligent and unique individuals and our bodies are far more advanced than other equipment you will ever find. They are self healing, if only you give them the right conditions to enable them to do just that! We all deserve to be happy and content in our life's and if you're not, then please allow me to change that for you.

I have the commitment to helping you through the healing process every step of the way, but YOU must first allow this process to happen. The easiest way to describe the healing process is to imagine yourself like an onion. We have thoughts, thinking patterns, emotions, feelings and actions from the past which we no longer need and if these continue to remain there, they will hinder your present and future progress in life and your health and well-being. Even though you will see and feel remarkable results with one treatment or therapy in person or through distant means this will only be scratching the surface of your problems and issues so to speak.

Some of our physical problems may have taken years to become as prominent in our life’s as they are. We can be our own worst enemy at times refusing to let go of things from our past. Sadly we always hang onto the most destructive feelings, not the positive and happy one’s.

We all need a little help at some time in our life’s and it’s always easier to have another perspective on things and issues. When we are so wrapped up in our own little world’s which can sometimes be very destructive we NEVER see anything rational or logical and take everything to extremes. When we don’t deal with our problems and work our way through them, we can also turn to other negative addictions and elements in life for comfort such as food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc, which will only ever mask the problem. The more we try and put everything to the back of our minds, the more we are ignoring our bodies. If we don’t give our bodies the right conditions they are not able to heal themselves.

With each session of therapy you are peeling back all the layers and removing them from the physical body and the Auras. The aura’s are where everything manifest before being duplicated and moving into the physical body, becoming a symptom. Quite a lot of the healing I do is focusing on the Aura’s and making sure they are cleared and repaired and anything which should not be there removed long before you would know anything about it in the physical body.

The healing I do is also based on preventative measures for you present and future health and well-being. Prevention is far better than cure. Although anything can be removed, reversed and healed, it is far easier to listen to your body and deal with problems as they arise, rather than allow them all to build and become overpowering and too much for you body to handle. By having the healing sessions on a regular basis, this will help maintain balance in one’s life and each time removing all things which you no longer require.

Each time you receive healing you will notice a difference and will continue to notice the changes in how you feel and think and become a much more positive and happier person. By committing yourself to your health and well-being each session works through all the layers healing you on every level. Follow up sessions also help maintain the correct balance and continue removing anything which may have risen since the last session. The Healing Circle works on the same preventative basis

The environment, poor diet-food additives and processed foods, drugs and anaesthetics, illness and disease, smoking, alcohol, lack of fresh fruit and vegetables can all contribute to poor nutritional absorption which will, in turn stop the cells from functioning properly. Resulting in the inability to rid the body of unwanted toxins. Add to this the stresses of everyday life and the difficult times we face, including loss, grief, death, moving house, marriage, divorce and all other things life throws at us, is it any wonder we all need a little help at times? When you don’t deal with the little things in life as and when they arrive, they don’t ever disappear, they just remain in the background and build up until we have a pile of little things, then all of a sudden an unforeseeable crisis in our life’s. Therefore it is not just the crisis which will come to the surface, but so too will all the other little things which we never dealt with, by this time, they are far bigger and harder to deal with.

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