What is Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai massage is a unique form of bodywork dating back to ancient times over 2,500 years ago. It was originally practised in temples in Thailand by Buddhist monks as a means of invigorating the mind and body. Thai massage also known as Thai Yoga Massage combines soothing massage techniques, thumb pressure similar to acupressure and applied yoga stretches. This dynamic and powerful therapeutic northern style Thai Massage is now becoming increasingly popular world-wide for relieving stress and stress related disorders.

Many benefits include gentle muscle stretching, increasing flexibility, deep relaxation, improving posture, joint mobility and energy levels. Thai massage has a vast array of techniques and practitioners work in a meditative state and use their hands, feet, legs, knees and elbows to free the tension held within the body. The client remains fully clothed. This massage is one of the most beneficial therapies for treating physical and psychological problems, maintaining health and well-being.

Thai Massage - Is a very different type of massage to aromatherapy/oil massage. It works on balancing the body and removing toxins and blockages from the body, working naturally on the energy centre’s. Thai massage is very relaxing, invigorating and energising. Clothing is worn during Thai Massage.